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Project Management

An expert lecture was organised on Thursday 03 March 2016 by Department of Mechanical Engineering on Project Management with special emphasis on Power plant erection by Er. Mukul Goel (B.Tech from IIT Bombay, his post graduate education includes M.E from Texas A&M University and MBA from University of Pittsburgh, USA).
His expertise stems from exposure to all phases of the project life cycle in multiple sectors. Mukul Goel ’s contribution in power plant engineering has its own significance from the view point of designing / modification operations maintenance radiation protection and quality assurance. He has been involved with power plants such as Fort Myers Power St, Florida. He has long way to go in the field of power plant to replace older power plants with super significant plants for the welfare of human being.

  • He enlightened diverse issues/type of power-plant conventional coal based as well as modern nuclear based power plant, used now days for power generation.
  • He mainly focused on phases of power plant erection, & discussed selection of plant location, plant layout, various documentations, responsibilities and precautions required during the various phases of power plant erection as a role of project manager.
  • He also exposes cold run of power plant, loading of power plant, regeneration, reheating, superheating and waste heat recovery in power-plants.
  • He elucidated financial feasibility of power plants in large scale industry as well as small scale industry and other issues i.e. social, political, financial and environmental issues.

Outcomes of Expert Lecture

Fundamentally he guided all students about career building in the field of power plants as well as project management to manage different projects, he also discussed how after completing the graduation, one can build his career in this field.
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